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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

i want this for my birthday pleaseeeeeee? :(
no matter what, i still want my alpha 350 sony camera :D eheh. tdy, went out with sygz, met nat, kamz and sri at mac and head off to doreen's crib. while waiting for doreen to prepare, we karaoke-d and ate cheese crackers with milo! woo~! den, we head to vivo. nat played arcade. i played percussion freaks (its like guitar hero) with nat , and it was awesomeee! \m/ off we go to banquet, ate lunch there. after that, off to skypark where we chat, take pictures and make err, webshow o.o haha. slacked there, saw veronica, jin long, vera, ain, fateha, luqman and bunch of merahans. ohh well, wtf. went giant, doreen bought some stuff and head home. tiring? i guess so. currently having headaches + flu, its not swine flu, i swear. ohh yea! pictures will be uploaded soon, all the pixz are with doreen :D daaarn! im bored. so, im gonne stop here, for now. and also, im waiting for the hortpark pictures from abg eddy. sheesh. alritey. tallyho!
-he said " i wish to have kids" and
she said " i love you" , kay tk de link =.=


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

haha, tdy was mly paper 2 and mly listnening compre. not that tough though. after school, stayed back with nat, doreen, kamz, sri, sam, shalihin, shai and murphy. shalihin played the guitar and murphy was like "eh play campfire song!" haha! i went back home ard 11:30 and slpt in the bus. i had my afternoon nap at home and it was goooooooooood! i slept 'till 6? so, tmr will be meeting sygz and will have a tour ard singapore :D gerek pe! im gonne go now, and sleep awhile, 'till bby on9? i guess. hehehe. alrite now. tallyho!
-i cant taste you on my tongue,
with your lips, kissed like a red hot summer.